Short Bio

As a nomadic singer, Marie Martin’s life has been filled with many travels and encounters. After years living in Paris, London, NYC and Morocco, she currently lives between France and Spain.

 Marie’s musical routes give her voice and interpretations a unique flavor.
She learns from her travels and draws from her multiple roots: Spanish, Breton, Algerian, Cuban.
She decided to spend time in Madrid, composing and working on a new repertoire, in which she’s willing to merge her musical influences.

The upcoming record will question past and present: What we are made of, our origins and ancestors, what drives us, and what calms us. Questions about the world and moments of life that draw us closer to ourselves and others.
Marie’s vocal prowess has attracted the likes of Lionel Loueke (guitarist and singer), Seth Johnson (guitarist), Damian Nueva (Bass), Marcos Collado (guitarist), Daniel Garcia Diego (pianist), Shayan Fathi (drummer) who are all a part of this new project.


Marie’s father, a passionate musician himself, transmitted his passion for music and singing to her at a young age.
She first studied the violin and in Brittany, had her first experience on the music scene as a singer.
Years later, Marie Martin spent eight years in Paris where she displayed her talent for the first time on Parisian stages.
She took part in many recording sessions for famous films and TV shows.
Eventually she gave her first singing and coaching tuitions to the most renowned TV journalists.

Her musical journey abroad started with one year in London. There, she wrote her first songs.
After that her next destination was NYC and for the next seven years she was captured by the energy and rhythm of the cosmopolitan city.

The trio SoNuvo was created in 2010 (Voice, violin, guitar and percussion) which played on multiple American and French stages. This adventure gave birth to an EP and also the record “Now That You’re Gone”, recorded in Brooklyn, NYC.
It’s within this city that Marie really revealed herself.

Her very first album “Change In Me” was created in close collaboration with composer and trombone player Dion Tucker (Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Harry Connick Jr).
And a distinguished guest, Lionel Loueke (Herbie Hancock, Raul Midon), was also invited.

Other accolades while living in NYC include singing alongside Les Nubians, The Real Live Show, Lee Hogans (Prince, Jill Scott) and many others. She was also invited to sing on Les Nubians third album “Nü Revolution”.
She also performed for the Harvard 375 year anniversary after Yo-Yo Ma as well as for a Red Cross Gala in Florida.

Finally, her talent was highlighted during the singing competition of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival in 2012 in Switzerland where she ended as a finalist for the President of the Jury: the legendary Quincy Jones.
“It’s quite a spectacular performance with a mastery of style, an accuracy, all the elements of a great singer” wrote Arnaud Robert (Swiss journalist, director and writer), another jury member of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

 After all these years in NYC, Marie Martin felt a strong need for change.
She followed her musical and initiatory journey to Marrakech where she stayed for a little over a year. Here she discovered another view of the world, time, life and music.

Even though Marie’s NYC chapter isn’t over yet, her musical journey has docked for a while in Spain in order to get closer to her Spanish heritage and to write her next record.


Text written by:  Delphine Bocquet

Translation: Fabienne Moulenat
Last touch: Sun King